As a professional rugby player, Richard Smith-Bernal was relying on workout supplements to boost energy and support his active lifestyle. In 2012, he developed severe gastritis and started a journey to find alternatives to alleviate symptoms and return to full health. After months of doctors’ appointments and traditional medication, nothing seemed to help.

After spending time in LA, he fell in love with cold-pressed juices and the associated health benefits. He also developed a passion for plant-based food and noticed a real difference in his energy levels and mood. His symptoms improved rapidly, and he decided to start sharing these benefits with the world.

He purchased his first cold-pressed juicer and started juicing from his family kitchen.

Richard Smith-Bernal launched The Juice Smith in the Summer of 2013 with one machine and one mission in mind.

To improve health, through unprocessed and natural foods

The launch began with a collection of signature cold pressed juices.

Lauren Smith-Bernal is passionate about the positive link between healthy eating and your physical and mental health.

“What you eat, can have a direct impact on your state of mind. There is a common misconception that healthy food can be boring, but we can change this. Our products are good for you and delicious.”

Lauren is the driving force behind new products with health benefits that you can trust. Our range has since expanded to include sweet treats, dehydrated snacks, salads and bespoke cakes.

It’s All About Health, YOUR Health.

We believe in a collaborative approach to health;our customers, our teams and our planet.

To us, health means providing natural products and guidance from trained team members, and behaving sustainably and ethically as a business. 

We care about our communities. Our goal is to promote all aspects of health; mind and body, working towards a healthier future for us and our planet.

Being part of a community means us listening and using your feedback, to enhance what we do. 

How can we improve? We love hearing from you, drop us a message below.

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